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:Mark-kishon: Christopher's Sole-University.

How to Overcome the Tricks & Traps of the
Modern World, Courts, Governments & Corporations.

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Parse Syntax Training - TN - Lesson 2.png
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4th July 2021 Webinar TN.png
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2) How To Use Parse Sytax NEW.jpg
6) How to pay taxes part 1.jpg
4) How To Write Your COntracts and Claim
How to carry Out Research Video TN.png
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Shield Presentation - 27-08-2020 TN.png
Marque & Repraisal TN Part 1.png
Stop The Steal, Power of Attorney, Mortg
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In Preparation of the Webinar 25-04-2021
8th May 2022 - Webinar for TnT Students.png

:Mark-kishon: Christopher's Sole-University is earmarked to be the #1 University of any age group for the digital world, preparing you for 2025 with the Language, Business and Mathematics needed to truly go Cottage Industry or Business out of your Home, which begins to kick in worldwide in 2025 with blockchain technology.

Sole University Interviews for 2024 Memberships are now open.

Be still and consider this:

Why is it, when you sue to pay your taxes

with a correct name and with a correct language,

the IRS / HMRC etc do not want to know from you?

The length and breadth of this one opening sentence

is the knowledge and power of this Training.

Globally Recognized Certificate of Completion

Once you have gone through my University Training,

I will send questions to answer.

A successful 80% pass rate will give you the honour of

a Globally Recognised Certificate of Completion

that I personally authorise with my Seal and Autograph.

As long as I am here to give up to date content,

this life-changing training will keep benefiting mankind.

The self-study training gives you longevity membership

with constant up to date content.

These changes will cover current topics, such as:

The New Era of Corona Virus,

Crypto Currency - The New Gold,

What to do with the Vaccines,

What is a Warrant,

Changes in Law and Politics affecting your life. etc.

It has grown to become continuing membership

rather than a one-off purchase.

This training contains more than 24 hours of webinar footage

clarifying the Tricks & Traps that are played on all men and women

from governments, courts and corporations.

All necessary documents and template letters come with the knowledge

shared through many hours of webinar footage for each training session.


Once this content has been studied,

every student will have knowledge that

only 1% of the planet’s population are  conscious of.

So, be trustworthy and take ownership, do not abuse this program.


Being my University student, will give considerable savings

compared to purchasing the training units separately.

As a bonus, you will have time with me through two 30-minute Zoom calls

to talk over whatever you wish within the first year

of the commencement of your training.

Most students favour separating these calls, few months apart,

as they continue to learn more.

These calls do not form part of the separate units!

For those who are unsure about making this purchase,

please feel free to email me at

and I will be happy to clarify.

Here are the main topics:

1: The Live-Life-Claim

2: How to use Parse-Syntax Part 1.

3: How to use Parse-Syntax Part 2.

4: How to Write your Contracts and Claims Part 1.

5: How to Write your Contracts and Claims Part 2.

6: How to Pay your Taxes Part 1.

7: How to Pay your Taxes Part 2.

8: How Contracts Work - How to make a Joinder

with your Passport & Driving License -  Why you must have a Sea-Pass.

Additional units included are:

9. Learn to Dictate Your Terms and Conditions to Governments,

Corporations & Courts.

10. Federal-Postal-Court-Shield & Flags, Symbols and Crests

11. How to Carry Out Most Powerful and In-depth Research.

12. HM Treasury UK is Owned and Controlled by...

13. Crypto Currency Webinar.

14. How Hypnosis Work. Once you see it you cannot Unsee it.

15. Stop The Steal, Power of Attorney, Mortgages, Loans, Voting Scam.

16. Privateering, Marque and Reprisal Presentation. Part 1 of 2.

17. Marque & Reprisal, Meaning of the word Private. Part 2 of 2.

18. Gold Webinar - Learn How to Invest in Gold.

19. Silver Webinar - Learn How to Invest in Silver.

20. Global Communication Flag Ratio.

21. Claim your own Power of Attorney over the Judiciary, Governments &

Private and Public Corporations. (Powerful Material - 4th July.)

These presentations are in a raw format due to the nature of the webinars.

They are all from First Hand Knowledge

and there is nothing like it on this planet.

Now that a New Era has dawned, known as the Corona Period,

I have created more priceless content to add more value to this training.

For the continuation of the value I wish to give,

I am auditing the whole self-study training

and creating a side by side summary, a synopsis,

to complement this New Era.

All future trainings are included your Sole University membership

which every man and woman will benefit from.


Believe it or not your whole world has changed,

not just on an ecological / natural level,

but it's going to change on the very fundamentals of language itself

as the Federal-Postal-Court have jurisdiction all around the world.

This training is self-contained.

Most students access these teachings via their smartphone

giving them the tools to solve issues

with courts, governments and corporations.

That is the power of knowledge fused with technology.

Just like a smartphone with a BitCoin wallet

will give you the authority to become your own Bank and Banker!

What's Included in this Training:

The full 8-Part Course.

New content as mentioned before.

Over 28 hours of recorded webinar footage to study at your own pace.

Two 30-minutes Zoom calls with me

to be held over the course of the first year.

Terms and Conditions of being a part of the University Program

This information is monumentally powerful.

You must agree to not abuse any of this knowledge in any shape or form. ​

By purchasing, you agree that all of the contents

contained in this digital product are Confidential

and not to be shared with anyone.

How to join

For me to qualify the training’s suitability for you,

you must book a Zoom appointment with me

before you can be part of my University

Email me to book a Zoom appointment.

Email address:

The investment of this life changing training

is £7449 Great British Pounds.

Only once I qualify that this training will suit your needs,

and accept you as my student after the Zoom Appointment,

 you will be given details on how to transfer your Fees.

: Mark-kishon: Christopher's Sole University Training fees will be accepted

through PayPal, Bank Transfer or BitCoin deposit.

The exact time and date that you made the transfer

must show the correct training fee figure as £7449 Great British Pounds

converted into Bitcoin at time of transaction.

To confirm payment of fees, send me your BitCoin sender's address.

BitCoin Deposit Address: Mark.


QR Code for the BitCoin Deposit:


Atomic Wallet - Mark QR Code Address.png
World War III (Coming Soon to your Neigh
Dictionary TN.png
Terms and Conditions.jpg
2) How To Use Parse Sytax NEW Part 2.jpg
7) How to pay taxes part 2.jpg
5) How To Write Your COntracts and Claim
HM Treasury Video TN.png
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Global Communication Flag.jpg
Marque & Repraisal TN Part 2.png
Hypnosis Final TN.png
8) How Contracts Work.jpg
Webinar TN 24-01-2021.png
NEW TN - Webinar 25-04-2021.png
Webinar for TnT 19-12-2021.png

All of the below Trainings are included in the
: Mark-kishon: Christopher's Sole University.
And Many More to follow.

Screenshot 2022-01-18 at 11.48.35
8th May 2022 - Webinar for TnT Students
Webinar for TnT 19-12-2021
4th July 2021 Webinar TN
10 Live-Life-Claim New
2) How To Use Parse Sytax NEW
2) How To Use Parse Sytax NEW Part 2
4) How To Write Your COntracts and Claim
5) How To Write Your COntracts and Claim
Terms and Conditions
6) How to pay taxes part 1
7) How to pay taxes part 2
8) How Contracts Work
How to carry Out Research Video TN
HM Treasury Video TN
Shield Presentation - 27-08-2020 TN
Crypto Webinar Website TN New
Gold Webinar
Silver Webinar
Marque & Repraisal TN Part 1
Marque & Repraisal TN Part 2
Stop The Steal, Power of Attorney, Mortg
Hypnosis Final TN
Global Communication Flag
World War III (Coming Soon to your Neigh
In Preparation of the Webinar 25-04-2021
NEW TN - Webinar 25-04-2021
How to Read & Write in Quantum Grammar - TN.png
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