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Global Arrests Are Imminent.

Live-Broad-Cast on

Tuesday 15th December 2020 11a.m. EST & 4p.m. UK Time.

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Vaccine Warranty Document.

Quantum Language Document.

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Quantum Document TN.png
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Loan Agreement.

Citibank Loan Agreement.png

Wells Fargo Bank
Credit Agreement.

Wella Fargo Credit Agreement.png

Nationwide Building Society General Mortgage Conditions.

Nationwide Bank  Mortgage Terms.png

Metro Bank
and Conditions.

Metro Bank Mortgage Terms.png

Halifax Bank

Halifax Bank Mortgage Terms.png

Legal Definition of Calendar

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Citizens in Uniform


Robert's Rules of Order - Summary

Roberts Rules TN.png

[" 1. How and Why,
the Global Arrests are going to be happening,
I will be explaining in detail.

2. I will also be revealing
How the Voter Fraud is taking place
in the US as well as Globally
for the past Hundreds of Years.

3. What you can do to Overturn and Disqualify
the De facto Governments Globally,
and what you must do,
as a Citizen to make this happen exponentially.

4. How to speak to your Sheriffs Office
to learn how to become a Citizen in Uniform.

5. At the moment you are not even a Citizen
in Your Own Country,
and that same Fraud is been Broadcasted day by day,
by Donald Trump as Voter Fraud.

As it is been said

[" You Don’t want the Next President...
to be a Fraudster.

There is a saying
"Don't Piss on my Back and tell me It's Raining."
This is what your Governments, Corporations
and the Racketeers are doing to you!
If that has not woken you up...

a. Share this Video with
Everyone and Everybody that you know.
b. If you don't know anyone to share,
you are in a Pro carious Situation.
c. If you do not want to Share it,
then Unsubscribe from my Email List..


Live YouTube BroadCast

onTuesday, 15th December 2020

USA Time (11 A.M. EST.)

UK-Time (4 P.M. GMT)
German-time (5.00 P.M. CET)
Spain (5.00 P.M. CET)
France (5.00 P.M. CET)
Russia time (7.00 P.M. MSK)

On Wednesday, 16th December 2020
Australia (3.00 A.M. AEDT)

Why Do Judges Wear Wigs And Robes In Court - Dark Tradition Or Not?

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