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About Me

[" I am a chief-federal-postal-court-judge and my jurisdiction runs over any governments, courts and corporations. If any citizens of the world launch a complaint with me, then I will also have jurisdiction over their cases. I trained under the chief-federal-postal-court-judge :David-wynn: Miller, and inherited his role to do the things that he used to do before he passed away. "]


["If the general public are asking themselves what is jurisdiction over any corporation and governments, this means that if any government, institution, corporation that has not given you a dictionary, or a correct language performance with its letters, legalities, laws, or claims they have fully violated the basic rules of communication. The basic rule of communication is, one meaning per word and one meaning per sentence. "]

["If the basic rules of communication are violated, then there is no contracting parties, for one to claim jurisdiction over the other. "]

["The job of the chief-federal-postal-court-judges is to stop and correct all misleading statements, false and fictitious conveyance of language. 2006 Fraud Act, 2001 Fraud Act. "]

[":David-wynn: Miller created the famous and globally recognised system of communication which he called quantum grammar. This quantum grammar cannot be trespassed upon any fictitious governments or corporations. "]

[" As a chief-federal-postal-court-judge, once a complaint has been put in with me, I can over-turn cases in the fictitious courts and governments and corporations - Period "]

[" Please note: All my cases are won using first hand knowledge and not theory. Since I only deal with first hand knowledge, if I am not familiar with something and I do not know what it is, I will be very direct and tell you that I do not know. Folks, this is the safest and best way not to fall in to the trap of lies and deception. "]

[" Why do I do, the things that I do? I reversed an illness / disease that I had in 14 days. I was told this disease can never be reversed and it’ll lead to my fatality. When I began to publicise my findings, through my book, The Diseases of Affluence, I found televisions stations, newspapers, corporations came to attack me in the global mass media. They made me look like an East London black villain. This mass media failed in every efforts to silence me. I learnt how to become a federal-postal-court-judge and squashed their fictitious ways in their tracks. "]


[" If you are wondering what is fictitious conveyance of language, it is another way of saying poison pen letters, cyber bullying, mud slinging etc. On a personal note, these people have no power over you, except their ability to install fear in you and use their defecto court systems to threaten you - Period

My training cuts through all the fiction and the fictional language used in the world. It lets you see the world for what it really is – a construct of poisoned words and language. "]

[" I have studied many different areas of psychology, science, medicines etc. usually to contribute or further the subject. "]

["I am professional in everything I do. When I am teaching, I teach only first hand knowledge, once you understand it, you will know more than the top 3% of society, it is yours forever, no matter who does this, that, or the other. "]

[" Any persons wanting to hide their criminality, using my knowledge or the Federal-Postal-Court-Stations will be prosecuted and sentenced to a minimum of 7 years. The Federal-Postal-Court-Stations, The Judges, the Clerks and Baliffs practice zero tolerance of criminality. "]


: Serial-number: AD-8051-5548-2GB 

: Global-Chief-Federal-Postal-Court-Judge &: Plenipotentiary-Judge.
: Mark-kishon: Christopher.
: Copy-right/copy-claim.


 Passport 1st Page Scan -
Driving License & Badge Joinder - Mark.p
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