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Shutting Down of

Vulture Funds in Ireland.


Tuesday 16th March 2021

11a.m. EST & 4p.m. UK Time.

1. Powers of Attorney ACT, 1996. - Syntaxed.

2. Powers of Attorney Act, 1996 -
Legal Office Notice No. 3 of 2010.

POA - legal office notice no 3 of 2010 -

3. AIB Mortgage Document - Syntaxed.

AIB Mortgage Document - TN.png

1. The Irish Governments

have been caught out lying and cheating.

2. I have shut down the Vulture Funds in Ireland.

3. The Irish Governments do not have

any grounds to stand upon.

4. I give you this opportunity to download this announcement

and make it yours by uploading it to your own Social Media platforms.

Click Here to Download the Video.

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