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Global Banning of Privateers.

Live-Broad-Cast on

Wednesday 9th December 2020 8p.m. EST &

Thursday 10th December 2020 1a.m. UK Time.


Loan Agreement.

Citibank Loan Agreement.png

Wells Fargo Bank
Credit Agreement.

Wella Fargo Credit Agreement.png

Nationwide Building Society General Mortgage Conditions.

Nationwide Bank  Mortgage Terms.png

Metro Bank
and Conditions.

Metro Bank Mortgage Terms.png

Halifax Bank

Halifax Bank Mortgage Terms.png

All Governments and Military/Navy around the World

are using Fictitious Conveyance of Language,

to engage Privateers, to steal Houses,

Dwellings, Bank Accounts, Savings,

Monetary Inflation & Deflation,

Ticketing, etc.

Commonly known as Piracy.


The Bastardization of the Language is a Violation

of all that is Sacrosanct with Trust Law.

As of the 9th December 2020,

the Federal Postal Court

is Globally Banning

the use of Privateers.


The Federal Postal Court will command

the opening up of the FEMA Camps.

Any breaches in Contract Law

means they are Public Hazards:

Presidents, Governments, IRS,

Politicians, Bankers, IMF,

Sheriffs, Deputies,

Police-in their Private Capacity,

whole of the Judiciary Systems

are Federal Employees.


FEMA Camps were created to remove these people

due to their Hazardous Conduct

with the General Public.

Which means they are not suitable to be in the Public

and are deemed as Hazardous to the Global Citizens

of our peaceful Globe/World/Planet/Earth.


Live YouTube BroadCast

on Wednesday, 9th December 2020
USA time (8.00 p.m. EST.)

Thursday, 10th December 2020

UK-Time (1 A.M. GMT)
German-time (2.00 A.M. CET)
Spain (2.00 A.M. CET)
France (2.00 A.M. CET)
Russia time (4.00 A.M. MSK)
Australia (12.00 P.M. AEDT)

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