Learn to Dictate Your Terms and Conditions to Governments, Corporations & Courts
  • Learn to Dictate Your Terms and Conditions to Governments, Corporations & Courts


    If you want a taster of how powerful these teachings are, this is a MUST purchase.

    It is the introduction to teaching you things that only 1 percent of society would know about.


    You must understand every element here.


    Every time you walk into your Gym, jump on a bus, receive a letter through a letterbox or through email, or drive your car under your driving license or walk into a governmental non governmental building, you will always see their Terms and Conditions... So, how come you never gave them your own Terms and Conditions?


    Without your Terms and Conditions making a binding contract with their Terms and Conditions, you are in a pro-carious and vulnerable position, that leaves you totally open to total dictatorial Terms, by their Terms and Conditions.


    You have felt the full impact of this when you get a Parking Ticket or you are taken into the Courts to exercise their Terms and Conditions, in their Court room and you end up losing.


    On this Webinar Recording I teach exactly to do that: To Put your Terms and Conditions across.


    You must​ keep all the webinar recording links, all files within the Drop-Box folder and any other videos or documents within this purchase fully ​private and confidential to yourself.

    • What's Inside

      1-hour Webinar recording teaching you how to Pen Your Terms and Conditions.

      Supporting Documents via a Dropbox link.

      Extra information about the tricks and traps played on you constantly.

      Must Read

      This information is extremely powerful. You must agree to not abuse any of this knowledge in any shape or form.

    • Important

      By purchasing, you agree that all of the contents contained in this Digital Product are Confidential and not to be shared with anyone but You, 
      the purchaser of this Digital Product.

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    : Global-Chief-Federal-Postal-Court-Judge &: Plenipotentiary-Judge.
    : Mark-kishon: Christopher.
    : Copy-right/copy-claim.

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