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the Whole World,

in Every Jurisdiction. 

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Greetings to all on this Day 6, April 17 2024 GMT.

Through the Patreon Membership Youse are now fully educated on how to identify and deal with Hijackers of the level-plane, OUR level-plane.

With peace and love, :mark-kishon: Christopher wishes to share this message with the whole world, in every jurisdiction.


The Judicial Notices and Global Constitution stand as the first and only documents factually qualified to end the world of fiction, not only lifting the corporate veil but presenting the solutions to move forward.

We, the Sheriff-Coroner’s Council Co-operative stand with :mark, the Patreons, his students, all spirited men and women, to hold the line between fact and fiction, always in Peace and with all of our Love.


Brace yourselves, expel all Hijackers and Get Ready to Shake Things Up! 

To the Whole World

Listen Below to :mark-kishon: Christopher's Message

240416 Mark Statement Get Ready To Shake Things UpUnam Sanctam
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240423 Direct Message from :mark-kishon: Christopher.
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The Global Constitution and Judicial Notices

Stand in Honor, Peace and Love and they carry the full spirit of the level-plane into every jurisdiction.


A training re-fresh will be presented at the next Patreons meeting April 29, 2024 with time to ask questions about the documents, servicing them, the level-plane and :mark’s message to the world.

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