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Truth Behind Corona-Virus.
Live-Broad-Cast on
Sunday 16th August 2020
1p.m. PDT & 9p.m. UK Time.

Corona-Virus Evidences

Topic 1.


Topic 2.

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Topic 3.

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Topic 4.


Topic 5.

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Topic 6.

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Topic 7.

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Topic 8.


[" 1. The Pandemic is sweeping across the World. 


2. I will protect and serve my Global Student Base from the dangers of Vaccine Damage.


3. My Team of Judges and Clerks have proven the whole thing of the Vaccines is a Crime against Humanity itself.


4. You will be given the Means and the Points of access to protect yourself, for what is now become known as the Global Pandemic. 


5. The Detailed Live Presentation that you will hear on

Sunday 16th August 2020

at 1.00 p.m. PDT & 9.00 p.m. UK Time

will unravel the layers upon the layers of lies

and deception using the most detailed Forensics. 


6. Not only will you be blown away by the in depth knowledge by my team, but will have a glimpse into how this deception and lie is woven into the fabric of the Banking, the Governments, the Mortgages, the Debts and of course, ultimately, into the language itself.


7. For your benefit, you must view this Document

and watch my last presentation

on the Corona-Virus.

When they say Vaccinate yourself against Corona,

what they are hypnotically suggesting to you,

is to Vaccinate yourself against

the Birth of a New Golden Era,

as if Gold and the Age of the Golden Era

is a Disease.

7a. Click Here for the Document (Go to page 1052 for Corona Virus.)

7b. Click Here for the previous Presentation.


8. This is Once in a Life-Time and

Life-Changing Presentation.

My Judges and Clerks will be there live too, answering your questions or concerns.


9. The Best way to protect yourself from the oncoming onslaught of the Vaccines,

the Economic Collapse...

is to have a Claim of the Life -

It's the most important document that needs

to be in your possession to date. "]

[" 10. Important - Do not Protest, Do not Riot,

Do Not Loiter on the Streets,

Stay at Home and Keep Safe.

The Covid-19 Lockdowns are in place

to make sure

that you do not become victims of the

Reactionary Rioting Masses. "]

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