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Fore-Closure Presentation by Hieu - TN.png

: Confidential :


["1) For the foreclosure package,

you must fill in the form with all required information.


2) The form can be found here: 


3) If you do not provide all the necessary information,

you won't be able to participate in the foreclosure interview.

3.1) The purpose of the interview is to find out

whether you are suitable for this process.


4) All interviews will be conducted on Wednesdays at 11:45 PM UK time

at a fee of £525 GBP. 

4.1) Note - Check your own time zones so you don't miss this appointment:

4.2) If we find that we will not be suitable for your needs on the interview

we will refund your £525 GBP.


5) FAQ - Is there a fee?

Yes there is, the minimum cost of this package is $2,800 USD.

5.1) FAQ - Is the interview fee going to be taken off the cost of the package? Yes.

5.2) FAQ - What is the purpose of the foreclosure package?

It is to buy you that critical time.

Please note, this may buy you a few months or many years.

5.3) For your information, Basil III banking rules of conduct will run in the people's favour by 2025 when the entire banking infrastructure will change.

This is why so many people are being reaped

so they can get as much out of you as they can.


6) Once you have given all the necessary information,

you can pay for the interview here: Click Here to pay £525 GBP.


7) The document attached to this email must be read through, autographed, thumb printed and sent back prior to the meeting information sent to you.

8) If you are in any doubt as to the authenticity of this process


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