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What is Dunning-Kruger effect?
AKA Dumb and Dumber,
Doing Business As,
Beavis and Butthead

Live-Broad-Cast on
Monday 9th August 2021 10:00 EST. 15:00 UK Time.
16:00pm CEST. 12:00


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We have in our society a full spectrum of Intelligence Demonstrated by the Study of Dunning and Kruger.
Some of these dangerous people do get into medicine and government. As we know, Government has a long standing rule of getting rid of incompetent people by promoting them.


We learned where the Super, antibiotic resistant, Bacteria came from. The over prescription of antibiotics allowed for greater mutation rates and DNA / RNA communication between different species of bacteria. They had to get smarter and mutate to survive. And ALL LIFE IS TRYING TO SURVIVE.... (EVEN DEAD VIRUSES)

We learned that Viruses will jump species with H1N1, swine flu and H5N1, Bird flu. The Influenza Virus, blamed to come from China every year, mutates like clockwork with, as you will soon see, a little help from our vaccinated friends. (I have had so many people get the Flu vaccine and get super sick a few days later.)

We know that Dr. Salk dedicated the rest of his life, desperately trying to find an AIDS vaccine, even injecting himself with several experimental versions. The guilt of releasing the Polio Vaccine with the simian SV40 (Simian AIDS) virus in it was overwhelming for a man of conscience. Media will tell you that SV40 didn't jump species to cause the AIDS pandemic but H1N1 and H5N1 are clearly proof that it did. Especially since SV40 and HIV attack T-helper cells in both ape and Man, respectively. The origin of AIDS was tracked to Africa and it just so happens that is where the SV40 contaminated Polio Vaccine samples were mostly used.

Listerine Kills 99.8% of the germs that cause bad breath and If you over used Listerine you will have a mouth full of 0.2% of bacteria that cause bad breath. And they might not want to go away and find balance with beneficial bacteria that protect our mucous membranes. EXAMPLE, The beneficial bacteria on the tongue that help manufacture NO, nitric oxide, are destroyed by Listerine.

Mutation in viruses occurs with antigenic drift and shift which are terms coined to mean: BOTH ARE Genetic Information changes in the virus. It doesn't matter if the trigger is radiation, chemical, or genetic code, something has to happen to the Virus genome to make it survive better for it to gain an advantage.

With the Plandemic we are not working with genetically altered, attenuated = weakened, or killed viruses.
We have a whole new EXPERIMENTAL mRNA vaccine study on a global scale.
The dead virus (Viruses are all dead, they need a living cells: bacterial, fungal, yeast, or eukaryotic to replicate-in) is bathed with extra genetic material from the host cell, plus vaccine genetic information (From many Vaccines), plus bacterial genetic information... Over prescribing this Vaccine where the RISK : BENEFIT Ratio is very low (<0.2% morbidity rate) is asking for SUPER BUG MUTATIONS in the VIRUS just like in bacteria with antibiotics! (Well not just Like but a Very similar STIMULUS to mutate). If logic were to be used, It should be reserved for cases where the RISK : BENEFIT RATIO IS HIGH UNLESS THERE ARE TREATMENT PROTOCOLS WITH ZERO SIDE EFFECTS THAT ARE BETTER AND ACHIEVE NATURAL IMMUNITY. That is a whole separate subject. Of course, I am talking about Patient RISK : BENEFIT here AND NOT $$$ RISK : BENEFIT (The video clip of B. Gates bragging about his 20:1 Vaccine return on investment comes to mind). We are again making things worse with our own arrogance or rather the arrogance of self-proclaimed-experts and mentally challenged or 'other agenda' Government officials.


If what I said doesn't make sense then listen to this noble prize laureate: French Virologist and Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier

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