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1. You have seen: David-wynn: Miller show you the mathematical interface on the language of babel. If not view this.


2. Read & write in Quantum Grammar as well as learning the Parse Syntax is one of the most powerful tools to be able to disqualify contracts, agreements, or be it a whole Government.

3. Students wishing to learn this have to be interviewed by me 1st.

4. You can pay for the interview via PayPal and then deduct that fee from the whole course fee.

5. The fee for the interview is £289 GBP via PayPal.

6. The Fee for the whole course is £3100 GBP.

7. You will be given the links to the Course upon being successful in the interview with me. If you fail the interview your fee of £289 GBP will be returned to you.

8. If you want to be qualified for being able to Parse Syntax Court papers, Government Acts, etc. you can opt for an exam, which is included as this package.

9. If the Federal-Postal-Court wishes Parse and Syntax to be done, then we will call upon the students who have been qualified through the exam and will be paid for the Syntaxing they do for the Federal-Postal-Court.

10. The key feature is that you show trust and competence.

1. This is the PayPal link for paying for your interview.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

2. This is the PayPal link for paying your remaining balance of the Parse Syntax Quantum Grammar Course.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

1a. The following list are my Tricks & Traps University Students that have fully qualified with the ability to Parse & Syntax.

1b. The rate of qualification and pass rates per category was achieved in their 90% to 100%.

1c. If you wish to engage these people to Parse & Syntax Document for you, you can email us at and we will tell you the approximate fees. 

: Roland-wilhelm: Bathen, : Anthony-craig: Blyden, : Andras: Dorko, : Brett: Kelly, : Charlotte: Kelly, : Deborah-jayne: Lovell, : Mark: Nadolny, : Daria: Sanetra and 

: Donna-Michelle: Turner-Dunlop.

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