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100% Proof that you are a Tenant

on your Own Mortgaged Home.

Live-Broad-Cast on Sunday 23rd August 2020

1p.m. PDT & 9p.m. UK Time.


Topic 1.

CW Proof that you are tenant Blank.png

Topic 2.

For the TENANTS on the Unencumbered-Land
Vehicle V5C Document-page-002.jpg

Topic 3.

Vehicle V5C Document-page-001.jpg

[" 100% Proof that you are a Tenant

on your Own Mortgaged Home, 

100% Proof that you are Dead on Paper. 

100% Proof that you are in a precarious Trust Position. "]


  1. U.S. Box is a Violation of the Four Corner Rule. Different games are played in each Box.

  2. Deed means that it's written, signed, delivered, by just one person commonly known as the Guarantor.

  3. Trust, is Trust Law, in Fiction. Which means there are three people / three persons / three entities involved.

  4. Security Instruments means the person(s) giving something is put a ring of security on whatever is given. (Tidy this up)

  5. Borrower means a Man or Woman, person is being given something. i.e. Money.

  6. The name of the Borrower has been written into the ALL CAPITALS NAME, which means they are dead.

  7. In this case the Joint Tenant are both listed as the Tenants on their own Mortgaged Property. This is the start of the Oxymoron.

  8. Tenant means someone who rents a house, property, which is you or land. In the World of Fiction you have a Secured Tenant and Assured Tenancy.

  9. The Borrower is listed as living at a particular address…

  10. The Lender is the person or entity that is giving you something. i.e. Money.

  11. Please note the word California is written in ALL CAPITALS. It’s a Corporate Instrument and not a Territorial Instrument.

  12. An Australian Certificate means that it’s an instrument that has been witnessed by another party. Title means that it is yours on Paper, by a witnessed party, it's essentially a statement of Fact, like making a statement of Fact to the Police when you are a Witness.

  13. Number 13 is a Logo and within that Logo is the entire story of this Certificate of Title.

  14. Fee Simple means that the Land can be disposed of in any which way you want as long as you are the Owner, which in Fiction has the highest standing Ownership.

  15. Folio means that it's part of a bounded paper instrument.

  16. Registrar General means it’s the Military.

  17. The Seal does not have a number attached to it, making it a Cartoon.

  18. Parish means that its Church Language and Matter. It also means Dead People as in Perish. They just play around with the Five Vowels. A E I O U. Perish means Dead – Lost at Sea - 1666 for your reference.

  19. Here the name is written in ALL CAPITALS, which means he is dead or lost at sea, in this case the dead entity on paper is in a Trust Position with Executor, Administrator and a Beneficiary…Are you beginning to see the multitude of lies?

  20. Here he has been listed as Joint Tenants. Who exactly is the other Joint Tenant? Well ladies and gentlemen, who do you, think is second Joint Tenant?

  21.  Quite clearly – End of Certificate, but what do you see below – More Writing…which means the movie, the book, the title, the document has not ended.

  22. It’s an Open Ended Contract, which is an Oxymoron.

  23. End means End!

  24. Your Car and all other things that are variant spellings of your own name is the same fraud. This Document quite literally says NO PROOF OF OWNERSHIP. If you are not the owner of the Car, like your own house, then WHO IS?

  25. United Kingdom means that it’s not England, which is land, and it’s not Britain which is a Ship or Vessel. It’s a Corporate Instrument – United Kingdom.

  26. The name of the Registered Keeper of the Car is written in ALL CAPITALS – Dead Entity. Please note it doesn’t say Owner.

  27. ALL CAPITAL - Passive, aggressive behaviour voluntarily walking you into writing your name as a Dead Entity, Person, Man or Woman.

  28. Keeper means Care Taker. Owner means the change in your Pocket is yours and nobody else’s. If somebody tries to take it away from you, it’s called Pick Pocketing, Stealing, Theft… which are all Crimes.

  29. Number 29 is giving you a Title, which are ranks on a Ship. And listing your Family Name, your Clan Name, your Father’s name, your Christian name as a Surname. Surname means that you are sowed /soured by a domestic farm animal, like a Pig.

  30. Signature is the opposite of Autograph. Autograph means it’s a Graph of your Autonomy – Full Stop.

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