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Step-By-Step Walkthrough, Create your Own Live-Life-Claim & Cert. of Live-Birth.
  • Step-By-Step Walkthrough, Create your Own Live-Life-Claim & Cert. of Live-Birth.


    Your Live-Life-Claim and your Certificate of Live-Birth will carry unique patents and displayed on my Website as a failsafe against 3rd party interlopers. This feature is totally unique to this technology and uniquely specific to you, your witnesses and to my PUBLIC NOTICE BOARD.


    The Subjects on this Webinar are...

    (A) Control the language and you control the courts, Corporations and governments.


    (B) Why you must have a claim of the life to control your own sweat equity, or you’ll be lost and dead at Sea. Meaning you can’t see contract, make contract, because you are Dead: MARK KISHON CHRISTOPHER=DEAD-PERSON. This how your name is written on a Gravestone -Period. :Mark-kishon: Christopher is the living Person/Man.


    (C) In addition to the above statement, I have added what is known as a Certificate of Live-Birth. This is written in conventional language just like Elizabeth II witnessing a Certificate of Live-Birth or the King of the Phillipines. The potency of this certificate written in conventional language, is that I have treaties in place for this process. In other words, for the first time in known history the mechanism of being able to eat and sleep in the world of fact and fiction is in place. 


    Both your Live-Life-Claim and Certificate of Live-Birth will be on PUBLIC NOTICE BOARD on my website, for youse to direct any third party interlopers i.e. governments, legislators, courts and debt collectors to my Website. 


    You must note the people that are witnessing your Live-Life-Claim can also do a Live-Life-Claim with each other and have that displayed on my Website as well. To do this, you must provide me with the following evidence to say you are who you are - by giving me passport / driving license and a utility bill attached to your dwelling. With serial numbers and account number have to be blocked out before you sending it in so nobody is privy to your private details. 


    Welcome to the beginning of a journey that will empower you with knowledge less than 1% of the global population are aware of.


    On Part 1, you will understand why and how language controls the courts, coporations and even governments. After that, I explain why a Claim of the Life is so important. This Webinar covers the fundamentals and is the perfect start-point regardless of your experience.


    You will also receive a detailed, step by step video on how to create your own Live-Life-Claim. This Product will give you ultimate clarity on everything related to the Live-Life-Claim.


    It is not recommended to skip this Recording.


    You must​ keep all the webinar recording links, all files within the Drop-Box folder and any other videos or documents within this purchase fully ​private and confidential to yourself.

    • What's Inside

      3-hour Webinar Footage explaining the importance of the Live-Life-Claim.

      Supporting Documents via a Dropbox link.

      A separate step-by-step tutorial of how to create your Live-Life-Claim.

      Must Read

      This information is extremely powerful. You must agree to not abuse any of this knowledge in any shape or form.

    • Important

      By purchasing, you agree that all of the contents contained in this Digital Product are Confidential and not to be shared with anyone but You, the purchaser of this Digital Product.

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