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Global Banning of Common-Law.


Monday 8th March 2021

10a.m. EST & 3p.m. UK Time.

1. Common Law -
Syntaxed Documents.

2. Important Reference-Links.

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Are you tired of being in a Slavery?

The Modern-day word for a Slave, is Bonded-Slave.

Remember: A Slave is a Slave,

by any other names, Bonded-Slave


This Power-full-step, will stop slavery Globally,

just as I did by Banning of Piracy Globally.


* Slavery exists in common-law.

It is the Common language of the Queens and Kings Court,

called Queen's English.

You are not part of their Common-Language

and or a member of their Court,

but rather a Subject.

*Meaning Subject to their Court, as in subjugated.

 Mortgages, which is the Death-Pledge or

Evidence of a Bonded-Slave.

To help you make that 180 Degree

mental reorientation for this Golden-age,

look up Barbary Pirates and common-law

: Copy-Claim-Copy-rights.


For the first time in the History,

the chieftains have been banished,

because they operate in Common-Law.


Click Here - To Download this Video

and use it

to become Free of Bondage.

Share it on your Social Media Platforms

and or do a Voice Over.

Liberate yourself by all means.


Reference Links:



**** Plenipotentiary:

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