Simple Steps to follow to Log Your Property.

1. The Steps you have taken,
puts you into the top 1% of your Country.
For 100% proof, I have attached Land-Registry Documents clearly stating You're only a Tenant,
whether you have a Mortgage or not,
plus your Property is the Possession of the Crown.

2. By Logging into our Platform we are reversing the Crown Reserving its Rights over Your Lands and Property.

3. The Reversal Process logs YOU as the Owner and has reserved Your Rights over Your Own Property-Rights.

4. Our Role is to facilitate the transfer of Ownership
moves out of the hands of the Crown
into the hands of You, The-Owner.

Your Questions Answered:

Is it legal what Governments are doing in relation to Vaccination?

  1. This Answer is NO and here is your solution – (Click Here for the Vaccine Warranty Form) (Click here for the Truth Behing Corona-Virus)
  2. This is what you will say to your Doctor / GP: I am happy to take whatever medication or Vaccines you want me to take, before we do here is a Vaccine Warranty for you to sign Guarranting my Safety. (Now Present them with the Vaccine Warranty to Sign)
  3. You will notice they want you to sign something, which is essentially letting them off the hook of safety and when you sign it, you are consenting to been Experimented on, and that you are Fully Liable for anything that happens to You as a consequence of your signing your life away.
  4. In order, for anything to be Lawful or Legal, you need two or more party to autograph.
  5. Since, they never Signed anything, they neither Witnessed or made any Agreement with You on Paper.

How to work around the No Jab No Pay policy?

  1. It is the identical process where your employer, the Doctor / Physician has to countersign – The Vaccine Warranty.
  2. (Click Here to see the Interview of Doctor Zelenko with Israeli Rabbis.) You will notice, Dr. Zelenko mentions, he does not use Nom De Guerre which means, DEAD LEGAL NAMES.
  3. As it is Vulgar and Disgusting to Human Senses, they create a artificial legal DEAD Name - Nom De Guerre and then say we only Vaccinated a DEAD Legal artificial name called a Nom DE Guerre.
  4. Paraphrasing this, I did not run down a Man or a Woman but I only ran down a Paper Mache Mannequin.

What are the words to use when confronted by Police / Constables / Police Enforcement Officers?

  1. Click Here for Downloadable Script. Read the script to them that I have given you, whether they are at your Door or if your Car or on the Streets.
  2. DO NOT deviate from the script, they will try to Harass, Intimidate, make False Accusations, Threaten to Arrest you, just so to make you deviate from your Script. DO NOT DEVIATE from your Script.
  3. The best that I have found and so have my Students is to have a Live-Life-Claim. Remember, you are DEAD on Paper and it is on PAPER that you make your Claims of Life.
  4. Remember, if they make an accusation or any of that nature, the Claimant must provide the Evidence for the Claim. The rule of Law – He who makes the Claim, provides the Proof of that Claim. He who makes a Statement, must provide Evidence of his Statement, under Oath, under the Penalty of Perjury. He who makes an Accusation must provide Evidence of the Accusation, failure to do so means they have made False Accusation and have Slandered you.
  5. Just, think about it, if you accuse somebody of something, and you don't have the evidence, don't they have the right to Sue You?
  6. If somebody has made a Claim on your Car, your House, or your Property; they have to provide the Evidence of that Claim, otherwise it is considered as theft.
  7. I think, it if fair to say that you understand this. Anything less or else, is nothing more than Theft, Rape & Slander.

How to Log / Register your Lands, Homes, Commercial Units / Properties through Quantum Log System ?

We have given you the necessary platform to log your Claim – Period Click Here to fill our Online Form for Registration. To remind you, how the fraud has taken place Globally, in the case-study of America a) They turned United States of America (USA) into United States and left out the word America. b) At the beginning, we lived on the territory, i.e. Territory of California, which is another way of saying it has a Dirt Location or be it a Territorial Location, Land Location, etc. While the general public is, usually recovering from an Engineered Depression or a War, your treacherous Government working for a few individuals, known as Privateers, changed Territory of California into State of California. It is at this point, that you have been moved from Constitutional Law i.e. Land into a State Legislation called State Law, which is a Corporate Jurisdiction and a Corporate Instrument. And your Names and Lands were also recorded as being Corporate. To paraphrase, if you owned a farm and that farm was your Property, i.e. Mc Donald's Farm, they renamed it as a Nom De Guerre called MACDONALD'S FARM. And then, they register this land and the name in Washington DC which is the Embassy of Puerto Rico and Guam, commonly known as the District of Columbia, (AREA 51) and the Embassy is called Washington. Once this is done, they now claim that you are a transmitting utility of Washington DC and therefore a guest or a lease holder of the Territories of the Americas, which to this day is owned by the native nations of America. You of course, having watched – Who owns Australia, now know that all of yous have been registered in the same way on the land mass / territory of Norfolk Island. Therefore, you are Citizens of Norfolk Island and foreign to Terra Australis. c) You have been given the Unique Opportunity to Log your Land Rights, Properties, as well as your physical bodies through your Live-Life-Claim into our Logging System, for the World to see that you are not foreign and your physical bodies are not transmitting utilities nor DEAD Legal Names – Nom De Guerre.

This is 100% Proof that you Own Nothing

from the Previous Generation,

Present and Future Generations to Come.

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