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World War III (Coming soon to your neighborhood) - Jack Otto.

World War III (Coming soon to your neighborhood) - Jack Otto.

  • As per instruction of Jack Otto, who was an American Patriot who spent over 30 years researching these topics. He wrote and self-published this book called "World War III (Coming soon to your neighbourhood)." 
  • This is a tribute to Jack, to his rich research, his courage and his integrity.
  • He is dearly missed by all who knew him and by all of his regular, faithful listeners.
  • Rest in Peace Jack B. Otto: July 12th, 1942 - August 4th, 2007.


I would use his book to extract Factual Data, which is rich with Money Making Opportunities as well as forsights.

It is unwise to go down the way of hate and anti semitism or Jewish Conspiracies, treat it as privateers conspiring against the public.

Any references to Races, Religion or Faiths I would treat this as non beligerent - the World is more complex than the term Bankers, Black & White, them and us...

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