: Business-Consultation.

Can I book a one to one Private & Confidential Business Consultation with you?

1. Yes, you have to email me about your Business challenges along with a mandate of the topics with bullet points.

1a. Spend at least 3-4 hours thinking and generating your Bullet-Point-Questions. This is the best way you can add value to your Business and to the Consultation.

1b. Study my Website inside out. Quite often, you will find most of your answers for free on my Website.
This will save you X Amount of Pounds - Period

2. I will tick of what I have first hand knowledge of, and what I don't, I will price it up for you.

3. If you are now in agreement with that, you will make the Bank Transfer, then I will schedule an appointment for you.

4. Make sure you ask me everything that you need to know.

5. Can I have a quick 5 minutes chat? Yes, you will have to pay for it. Click Here  to pay for the 5 minutes Chat.