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: Business-Consultation.

Can I book a one-on-one Private & Confidential
Business Consultation with you ?

1. Yes, email me the particular facts of your business challenges along with a complete list of the topics in bullet points.

1a. Spend at least 3-4 hours thinking and generating your bullet point questions.
This is the best way you can add value to your business
and to the consultation.

1b. Do a complete study of my website inside and out.
Quite often, you will find most of your questions
are answered for free on my website.
This can save you financially,
since what is contained on my website
has vast knowledge.

2. I will let you know what I have first hand knowledge of,
from the list that you email to
My consultation fee is £1800 Great British Pounds for 1.5 hours.

3. If you are in agreement with the consultation fee,
you can make payment through bank transfer.
The banking details will be sent once you wish to go forward
with the consultation. I will schedule an appointment for you once payment has been received.

4. Make sure you ask me everything that you need to know.

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