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Your Treasury (Ac)Count.


Sunday 28th February 2021

2p.m. EST & 7p.m. UK Time.

1. Various Land Registry -
Syntaxed Documents.

HM_Land _Registry TN.png
Ireland_Land _Registry TN.png
Land Registry Services TN.png
Bureau of Land Management TN.png

2. Important Reference Links.

United States Land and Property YN.png
Illinois Land and Property TN.png
Public Records & Deeds TN.png
General Land Office TN.png

1) How the Treasury Account works

and the steps you need to take

to work through the Treasury...


2) Launching of the Global Land Registry for

Your Lands, Properties & Title Claims.

Your Land & Property Claims will be backed

 by the Federal-Postal-Court's-Treasury.


3) Puisne Judges oversee Puisne Mortgages

and Loans created by Actors

who act out Acts of Parliaments, Senates, Governors,

who are all Paid for Stage Actors.

Some of these Actors have multiple roles

including Factual Positions.


4) I will prove beyond the shadow of doubt that

over 90 percent of the known World's Population

is under Hypnosis.

Another word for Hypnosis is called Suggestion.

This is the first time in known history,

this is been explained with

far reaching explanatory depth.

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