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:Patrons-Champions-Coroners-Service Processors-Sheriffs-etc:

This page is still being updated. This Global Trust has now reached escape velocity and is in over a 100 countries with several hundred people globally.

: mark-kishon: CHRISTOPHER.

: charlotte: KELLY.

: matthew-dean: MARTIN.

: janine: LINEHAN.

: anna-justine: MASON.

: jenya-lynn: FRANKLIN.

: terri-lynn: MCDONALD.

: roland-wilhelm: BATHEN.

: martina: BATHEN.

: andras: DORKO.

: bogdan-saris: CUCU.

: john: APOSTOLOU.

: amy-lynn: HARLOFF.

: gail: ALLSOP.

: kyalo: KIBUA.

: sylvia-enid: COLON.

: michael-patrick: BREAM.

: irene-sicdoy: RELLOMA.

: kari-tapio: HAAVISTO.

: shulaika-beatrix: DELSOL.

: jason-william-david: HOWES.

: mark: NADOLNY.

: patricia-ann: NADOLNY.

: alfred: NADOLNY.

: irene-elizabeth: BERTIE: GIBNEY.

: roland: SATTLER.

: ian-george: BRUCE.

: deven-marshon-cole: WILLIAMS-EL.

: ioan: ONICA.

: stuart-victor: QUICK.

: willy: JANGO.

: andria-lynette: THOMPSON.

: steven-michael: NEW.

: jewell-eugene: STROTHER-BEY.

: cody-michael.

: alper: HUSEYIN.

: charis: DAVID.

: ismail: MAHMUD-BEY.

: stephen-howard: CREWE.

: darwin-kent: YOUNG.

: lynnette-yvonne: PATTON: KING.

: lee: TAYLOR.

: michel-georges-charles: MATTERA.

: bruce: HULL.

: monica-elaine: LINDSAY.

: richard-wayne: COLLIER.

: raif: MEHMET.

: christina: FRAZAO: MARTIN.

: yvette-olimpia: BALTAZAR.

: ricardo-ali: COLLINS.

: linda-marie: LEVESQUE.

: daniel-james: IRELAND.

: timothy-andrew: TURNER.

: latoya-dee: TOODLE-BEY.

: william-henry: HAYES.

Sponsor through PayPal:

If you wish to sponsor us through PayPal:

PayPal Username: @MKishonChristopher

Use the above QR Code to Scan for PayPal Transfers.

Alternatively click the button below:

PayPal qrcode.png
PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

How to become Patron:

You can also join my Patreons Account by following the link below:

Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 16.15.59.png

Sponsoring through Bank:

Below are my private bank details:

Bank Name: Metro Bank


Account Number: 27008739

Sort Code: 23 - 05 - 80

IBAN: GB47MYMB23058027008739


Must Use Reference: M k Christopher


Bank Address: 1 Southampton Row, 


Mark’s Address: 
126 A Claremont Road, 
London E7 0PX


If you want to do it through Bitcoin,

you can call yourself a Private Supporter.

Note: This Address is only for Bitcoin and not any other Crypto Currency.

BitCoin Wallet Address:


Atomic Wallet - Mark QR Code Address.png
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