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How Contracts Work // Making Joinder with Official Documents // The Sea-Pass
  • How Contracts Work // Making Joinder with Official Documents // The Sea-Pass


    The Subjects of this Webinar are:


    (A) In-depth understanding of how Contracts works. You control the contracts by learning to read them and write them. Then only are you ready to make Joinder.


    (B) How to make Joinder with Official Government Documents i.e. passport & driving license – This is a Must! If not you are stuck in a unilateral / one way control / contracts – which is another term for dictatorship. Vacate your Slavery Bond commonly known as your Birth Certificate – Property of the crown corporation.


    (C) Why you must have a Sea-Pass - How to create one and How to use it. If you abuse this, you will be removed from the course.


    In this course I cover three must watch topics. I explain in much more depth how Contracts work. This is more complex and focused information. Therefore, please first study the Single Unit Course called Step-by-step walkthrough, Create Your Own Live-Life-Claim and Certificate of Live Birth, or you will struggle with this Webinar. I also teach you how to make Joinder with with your documents and to vacate your Slavery Bond / Birth Certificate. This is very important.


    Lastly, I explain the importance of a Sea-Pass and how to make one. I share the benefits of owning a Sea-Pass and how to use it. Please note that this is extra information that I have included for the course finale and must not be abused. For those found abusing their use of sea-pass, I will deal with the matter.

    For those who are downloading this after studying the previous 7 parts. Congratulations! You now know information that less than 1% of the population are aware of. Empower yourself and continue living a free life.


    You must​ keep all the webinar recording links, all files within the Drop-Box folder and any other videos or documents within this purchase fully ​private and confidential to yourself.

    • What's Inside

      3-hour Webinar Footage explaining how Contracts work and making Joinder with your Passport etc.

      Supporting Documents via a Dropbox link.

      Explaination of a Sea-Pass.

      Must Read

      This information is extremely powerful. You must agree to not abuse any of this knowledge in any shape or form.

    • Important

      By purchasing, you agree that all of the contents contained in this Digital Product are Confidential and not to be shared with anyone but You, 
      the purchaser of this Digital Product.


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