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["COVID-19 Testing."] Ipsos Mori: They Die.
Live Broadcast 21st June 2021

Live-Broad-Cast on
Monday 21st June 2021 8:00 EST. 13:00 UK Time.
14:00pm CEST. 22:00

Ipsos Mori - They Die - TN.png


Image 1 - Ipsos Mori.png
Image 2 - Black.png

1. From the presentation that you have been witness to,
the Video below,
presented as a harmless, innocent, nursery rhyme,
is in fact some of the most
vulgar, disgusting conduct
of Men and Women with foul minds.

2. This Video is an example of how to corrupt the minds of babies to adults, narrated below.
3. After watching, witnessing, you have felt
on your subconscious level,
how Men, Women and Babies have been primed
to be Slaves to Masters and Dames and Little Boys.

4. This Priming is for all parties,
including the Master, the Dame and
the Little Boy "who lives down the lane."

5. The Demoralisation, the De-Humanization, is done to everybody.
A Hypnotic Consent to make beautiful people into Slave-Masters and beautiful Women into Dames and innocent "little boys" into Tyrants. 

6. The process, is the Demoralisation, of the entire species of Man,
pugnacious Men and Women.
7. In this Video you have witnessed the Wholesale Enslavement
of Man and the colouring of the Man-Species. 

It is the Duty of every Men and Women on this World,
this Earth, this Planet, this Globe
to put the named principalities of wickedness into Prison.

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