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Where Can I Get :David-Wynn: Miller :C-S-S-C-P-S-G-Book?

The only place you can get :Millers book from is his estate, Anybody else pretending to sell his book is invalid and cannot be used. Full instructions on how do so are found on his official website:

How Do I Get a live-life-claim?

You can download your live-life-claim template by clicking here. If you would like to learn how to complete your live-life-claim via step by step video instructions, its by paying a fee of 180GBP you will get the Recordings with documented Tutorial. Click Here.

How do I get the Universally recognized Grammar Flag in Ratio?

Printable, Global Communication Flag. This is a document that was created to help aid you in keeping strict measurements to match the dimensions of the flag. To download this document is with the fee of 13GBP. Visit the Your Trainings section to get your Global Communication Flag.

How Do I Access The Teaching Material On Your Educational Programs?

Once you have made the payment for the relevant course in the Your Trainings section, you will be sent the Course Material through Web Links directly to your email.

How can I get rid of my Debt or Mortgage ?

1) Raise a complaint with me by filling out this form. Click Here. 2) To understand what fraud is on your Mortgage, agreements Click Here. 3) Thereafter you will be given a Skype Appointment to discuss the way forward. 4) It is essential that you follow the no-time wasters policy, by depositing a fee of £500 via PayPal, which is for you to keep your appointment in a timely manner. 5) How long will the process take? Answer: Once, and only once, when the documents have been filed to the [de]fendants, it will take three months to mature. 6) If my courts decides to take your case on there will be fees involved which I will discuss with you over a Skype Appointment.

How do I access your Gold Webinar, on buying into this World's true currency?

The Gold Webinar was a huge success and its already reapings its fruits as of now. If you want the Web Recordings along with all supporting evidences and documentation, its with a fee of 65GBP via PayPal. Visit the Your Trainings section to purchase your Gold Webinar. Once your payment is received via PayPal the Web Links will be sent to your email.

Can I book a one to one Confidential appointment with you?

Yes, you have to email me about the subject matter along with a mandate of the topics with bullet points and make a Bank transfer of 800GBP. Send a confirmation of your payment to my email. This is only a one off appointment and excludes my Students and Mentees. So make sure you ask me everything that you need to know for that hour. My Bank Details

How do I access your Silver Webinar, on this 2. World's true currency?

The Silver Webinar was a huge success, thanks to the Bullion Market. Its already becoming the second leading currency following close to Gold prices. If you want the Webinar Recordings along with all the supporting evidences and documentations, its with a fee of 45GBP via PayPal. Visit the Your Trainings section to get your Silver Webinar. Once your payment is received via PayPal the Webinar Links will be sent to your email box.

"Where is your Terms and Conditions..?" I would put this education as the most important foundational work...Must Read On.

1. You must, from the first setting understand every element here. 2. Every time you walk into your Gym, jump on a bus, receive a letter through a letterbox or through email, or drive your car under your driving license or walk into a governmental non governmental building, you will always see, their Terms and Conditions... So, how come you never gave them your own Terms and Conditions? 3. Without your Terms and Conditions making a binding contract with their Terms and Conditions, you are in a pro-carious and vulnerable position, that leaves you totally open to total dictatorial Terms, by their Terms and Conditions. 4. You have felt the full impact of this when you get a Parking Ticket or your are taken into the Courts to exercise their Terms and Conditions, in their Courtroom and you end up loosing. 5. On this Webinar Recording I teach exactly to do that. "To Put in your Terms and Conditions across." Visit this Training Page if you want this most important foundational knowledge at your access. Its with a fee of 389GBP.

End of Mortgage and Debt Questions:

1. What do I need from the Mortgage / Credit Card company to challenge the debt? Ans. Any document that came through the letter box with their name or logo on it. if you have it, an original agreement would be even better. 2. Do I have to be a Live-Life-Claimant to take advantage of this opportunity? Ans. Absolutely Yes. I have shot a special video on it, which you will find within this section. 3. What is the easiest way for me to challenge the Mortgage / Debt to end the contract? Ans. Any question, under the Roberts Rules of Corporation. If they do not answer the question directly or fail to answer your letter, they have walked themselves into agreeing with your questions. I have a special template letter, ready made in Simple English as well as Quantum Language, so you can walk these fictitious corporations into your jurisdiction. 4. What can I do if my Mortgage is already in foreclosure? Ans. Contact me as soon as possible. 5. What can I do if I filed for bankruptcy already? Ans. Bankruptcy just simply means that your Bank has been ruptured. If the documents pertaining to that process did not give you full language closure, then it was fraud from the moment it started. And fraud globally has no statutes of limitation under the 2001 or 2006 Fraud Act. 6. Can I take any action if I paid off my Mortgage / Loan already? Ans. You will have to decide whether you want an easy life or correct life. Being correct means that you are willing to stop and correct any fraud at any time - the decision is yours. 7. What can I do if I rent my home or apartment/flat? Ans. Contact me and I will have to assess if it is worth your while going forward. 8. Does this apply to a car loan or car lease? Ans. Yes. But I am not interested in Car Loans and Car Leases... the effort is too great. 9. Does this apply to the Utility Companies and my Utility Bills? Ans. Yes. But I am not interested in Utility Companies and Utility Bills... the effort is too great. 10. Does this apply to Property Taxes? Ans. Yes. But I am not interested in Property Taxes... the effort is too great.

: Serial-number: AD-8051-5548-2GB 

: Global-Chief-Federal-Postal-Court-Judge &: Plenipotentiary-Judge.
: Mark-kishon: Christopher.
: Copy-right/copy-claim.

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