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How to create a Trust and use it to safeguard and secure your assets?

How to create a Trust and use it to safeguard and secure your assets?


1) You would have heard thousands of times of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.

2) In every culture, in every period of time, that we have on record, there is the father, the son and the holy ghost.

3) It is just another way of saying it's a Trust.

4) When you are in a Trust, you bypass the legislative, executive and the judicial.

5) You need three people to form a Trust, just like the Live-Life-Claim. If you lack two trusted people in your life, you cannot go forward with this.

6) At the beginning of every month on a Thursday, you will be interviewed for suitability for these teachings.

7) The cost of this interview is £749 Great British Pounds.

8) All three forming the Trust, need to be interviewed. The cost of the Trust will be $13,000 US Dollars. So, be absolutely sure all three of you are fully on board, before you proceed with this.

8.1) The paperwork will be written in conventional language.

9) You need to email me with all three people's details.

9.1) Before booking the interview, it is crucial that I am given your criteria and the assets you wish to put into the Trust.

9.2) Thereafter, I will know if I am able to proceed with you or not. Then and only then, will you be given the permission to pay for the interview. Under no circumstances, are you to pay for the interview before you meet the criteria mentioned above.

9.3) The interview will be Confidential.

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    You must read and follow the instructions given in the description above.

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    My Tricks & Traps Students do not need to apply.

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