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How to Set Up Co-operative & WHY?

How to Set Up Co-operative & WHY?


1. The 1st of 6 Module / Webinar will be taught in December 2023.


2. You must book an appointment with me to buy this course. I need to check your suitability to receive this type of knowledge.

2.1 This is because I do not want this type of knowledge falling into the wrong hands. Appointments take place on Thursdays 9PM to 11PM UK Time. Email me on to book your appointment.

2.2 There will be a fee of £1300 GBP for this appointment, so be sure this is what you want, rather than phishing. 

2.3 You will need to provide some sort of passport / driving license with the serial numbers blocked out and proof of your place of dwelling.


3. This Course will have 6 modules which will be periodically taught.

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