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Full Government Disclosure on how fake news works - why & by who?

Full Government Disclosure on how fake news works - why & by who?


1. The length and breadth of what fake news is, that is what will be exposed through this presentation.

2. Most of youse will have become DESENSITISED to these TOXIC, DESTRUCTIVE, PERNICIOUS words - 'Liars Lie because they know the Truth.'

3. Fake news permeates into all the sciences, all the literatures, all the governments, etc. How many of youse can think of Dinosaurs being a total and utter lie? How many of youse can think of evolution as a total and utter fabrication? How many of youse can even begin to comprehend the studies in space, stars, constellations, planets - is all fabricated, to keep you in a perpetual state of fiction.

4. Because Fiction is another word for Lie and believers of lies can never make any contracts, make claims,  use titles, inherit their blood, their progeny etc. DO YOUSE GET IT NOW?

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    This information is extremely powerful. You must agree to not abuse any of this knowledge in any shape or form.

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