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Crypto Webinar - Greatest Transfer of Wealth.
  • Crypto Webinar - Greatest Transfer of Wealth.


    1. Greatest transfer of Private (Privateer's) Money into the hands of Public is taking place.

    2. We have Cracked the Code on what the Mechanism is, which means Students, privy to this knowledge, Now have the Real Potential of Becoming Wealthy in the next 3 to 5 years.

    3. The Code that I speak of is like buying a whole BitCoin for $10 which is now worth $31,867 (8th June 2021). 

    4. We’ve discovered what Coin is going to be used for EveryDay Transaction including the SWIFT Mechanism.

    5. This will cause the Value of that Coin to increase Proportionally to Demand.

    6. Extra Bonus: The Crypto Webinar held in December 2020 which provides with the essential knowledge on how to tap in Cryptos is included with this Webinar.

    • Important

      By purchasing, you agree that all of the contents contained in this Digital Product are Confidential and not to be shared with anyone but You, 
      the purchaser of this Digital Product.

    • Disclaimer

      The Author is not a fnancial adviser or taxation counsellor. This Presentation do not offer investment advice and nothing in them should be construed as investment advice. It is for education & information purposes only. The information contained in this presentation is not, and should not be read as, an offer or recommendation to buy or sell or a solicitation of an offer or recommendation to buy or sell any Crypto Currency.

    • Must Read before the Purchase.

      1a) This is a Digital Product. Once you have paid for it, you cannot ask for your Fees back.

      1b) Before you purchase, please fill out the form and send it back to and then you are free to go and purchase it.

    • If you wish to Pay the Fees by BitCoin Transfer:

      Alternatively, you can send the Fees for this Crypto Webinar through BitCoin Deposit. You must Email me ( the exact time and Date that you made the Transfer and it has to reflect that it is £469 Great British Pounds converted into Bitcoin on the date and time of your Transaction. You must send me your BitCoin Sender's Address to confirm the Transfer of your Fees. ​

      BitCoin Deposit Address: Mark.


      You will be sent the Crypto Webinar details upon successful confirmation of the receipt of your Fees.

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