My mentees now have control over the Courts, Governments and Corporations, through my past training known as the Tricks and Traps. Now that they have their lives back by removing the defecto Court Systems and Governments, I am teaching each individual how to make their riches in this Crowning Golden Age, better known as the Corona Period. All my new recruited mentees, will also be able to tap into these successes - Period 


The following information below is a breakdown:


My Mentorship Program offers all the knowledge that I have acquired through the course of time. The most prominent feature of this Module is the knowledge on how to end Debts and Nullifying fake Contracts that trap you into never ending financial slavery. You will have access to ongoing Webinars and one to one trainings sessions.


The Objective in this New Economic Era for everyone is to become Wealthy and I will be teaching you how to do it in this Module. You will also get to understand how to protect your assets from the Tricks and Traps of the World. The Global Economic Reset has opened numerous opportunities for everyone. I will be teaching on how to make use of these opportunities with practical hands on techniques.


To begin with You will be provided with my Recordings and Trainings Programmes which has evolved through 15 years of research and development. It covers topics like:

  • Live-Life Claim & Cestui Qui Vie Act 1966

  • How to Parse-Syntax Grammar

  • How to identify fictitious conveyance of language

  • Identify fraud in the Contracts and other legal documents

  • Putting your Class action Paperwork Together

  • Roman Canon Law

  • How to Make your Government & Corporations Work for you

  • How Do You Sue For a Correct Name & Language Performance


Once you are equipped with this knowledge there is nothing stopping you from making your riches.


Over the year this module will give you on average 15 live group hands on mentoring and Questions & Answers time with me lasting 2+ hours, giving you 45+ hours with me. Live group mentor-ship webinars with me on average every rolling 3 weeks. These Webinars would include the most current and up-to date topics, teaching you practical hands on how to make use of the Global Economical changes for your personal  financial benefits.


As a Bonus to you for enrolling into Mentorship Programme , if you want my previous webinar recordings, commonly known as Season 4, 5, and 6, that I have taught over a 2 year period, email me for it. This is in total 70 + hours of me teaching from previous webinars packed with all supporting documents and evidence.


This programme gives you a one year membership from the date of your commitment.


Important: Mentorship Programme is only open to serious committed students. You must give me a call on Skype first, as I want to make sure that you will fully benefit from the package, do send me an email beforehand so I can schedule you in and send you my Skype details.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Can I bring my paperwork on the live group mentoring webinar / Q&A? Yes.

  • Will the live group mentoring program / Q&A be recorded? Yes and also emailed to Mentees.

  • How do I access the teaching material? A private and confidential link will be sent to you where you will access all the material online.

  • How do I access the live group mentoring webinar / Q&A? A private and confidential link will be sent to you 1-2 hours before the scheduled time and date.


How to Enrol for the Mentorship Program:

I will conduct an interview with you to qualify whether you are suitable for this phenomenal program.

Please arrange a Skype conversation with me by emailing me on


Fee £125,000 Great British Pounds will only be accepted after the Skype interview.

Click Here for Bank Details.

: Serial-number: AD-8051-5548-2GB 

: Global-Chief-Federal-Postal-Court-Judge &: Plenipotentiary-Judge.
: Mark-kishon: Christopher.
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