All of the below programs are online courses.


Starter Pack

  •  What is a live-life-claim: You will be taught in detail the importance of being a live birth claimant and the mechanics behind it.  

  • How to create a live-life-claim: Once you comprehend the importance of the live-life-claim, you will then be taught step by step how to create your very own live-life-claim.

  • Check and Approve: Once you have completed your live-life-claim, and uploaded it to your private members area, I will personally check and approve it for you. 



Bronze - £45



  • Everything that Bronze Includes plus all of the below...

  • Learn To Control The Language: This is your first step to controlling the courts, Corporations and governments.

  • Why You Must Have a Claim Of The Life:  This will enable you to control your own sweat equity or you’ll be lost and dead at Sea, meaning you can’t see contract or make contract because you are Dead: MARK KISHON CHRISTOPHER=DEAD-PERSON. This how your name is written on a Gravestone - Period. :Mark-kishon: Christopher is the living Person/Man.


  • How To Parse-Syntax Documents:  You will learn how to Perform Forensics on documents so you can disqualify them – known as Parse-Syntax. Or learn how to ask questions in plain simple English. This Knowledge is higher than that of Kings/ Queens. Why? Because you can control them – He who controls the Language Controls the World, and your own money!!!

Bronze - £1,249



  • Everything that Bronze & Silver includes plus all of the below..

  • Live Group Mentorship with Q&A: Every 3 weeks you will be invited to a curriculum based private webinar for your educational training along with live Q&A Time with me. 

  • Setting Up Your Own Business: You will learn how to set-up and run a successful business in the private & / or in the public, this course alone will help aid you in becoming financially independent. 

  • BONUS! - Where's Your Terms & Conditions: As you know everyone is dictating to you their terms and conditions but where are yours? You will learn how to openly display your terms and conditions, without them, your house, your car and your person is not safe period

  • BONUS! - Silver, Gold and House Prices Signs of Exponential Growth Hidden In Plain Sight: Learn why I am buying Silver, Gold and looking at house Prices and how you can do the same.  This bonus Includes all supporting charts and forecasts that I use for myself = first hand knowledge​.


Gold - £5,750

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