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Self-Study Program.

How to Overcome the Tricks & Traps of the Modern World, Courts, Governments & Corporations.

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Welcome to the complete Self-Study Program -

How to Overcome the Tricks & Traps of the Modern World.


This program contains more than 24 hours of Webinar footage explaining the Tricks and Traps that are played on you from Governments, Courts and Corporations.

Along with extensive recorded Webinar footage, I have included the relevant documents and template letters for each Week that you will have access to.

Once you have studied all of this, you will have knowledge that only 1% of the population are aware of. So please, be responsible and do not abuse this program. 

Besides saving £154 compared to purchasing the Webinars individually, you will also receive two 30-minute Skype calls with me to discuss anything you wish within One year of the commencement of your Training. Most students prefer to separate these calls a few months apart, as they continue to learn more. There is no call included when purchasing the segments individually!

For those who are unsure about making this purchase, please feel free to email me at and we can arrange a brief call to make sure you will benefit from this as much as possible.


Here are the Program's Subjects:


  • 1: The Live-Life-Claim

  • 2: How to use Parse-Syntax Part 1.

  • 3: How to use Parse-Syntax Part 2.

  • 4: How to Write your Contracts and Claims Part 1.

  • 5: How to Write your Contracts and Claims Part 2.

  • 6: How to Pay your Taxes Part 1.

  • 7: How to Pay your Taxes Part 2.

  • 8: How Contracts Work - How to make a Joinder with your Passport & Driving License - Why you must have a Sea-Pass.

What's Included in this Training

The full 8-Part course.

Over 24 hours of recorded Webinar footage to study independently.

Two 30-minutes Skype calls with me to be held over the course of the year.

Must Read

This information is extremely powerful. You must agree to not abuse any of this knowledge in any shape or form.


By purchasing, you agree that all of the contents contained in this Digital Product are Confidential and not to be shared with anyone.

Must to do

You must book a Skype Appointment with me before you get your Self Study Program so that I can qualify whether it will suit your needs. Email me to Book A Skype appointment.

Email address:

Fees £2749 Great British Pounds.

Only once, I qualify that this course will suit your needs, and accept you as my student after the Skype Appointment, you can transfer the fees in to my Bank and send me an email confirming the transfer.


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