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Judicial Notice and Global Constitution Book
First of Its Kind.


Judicial Notice Hardback Book

1. Your own Court of Record

1.2. Valid in every Country and into every Jurisdiction

1.3. post & packaging included


U.K Delivery:

£40 GBP

International Delivery:

£70 GBP


1. Judicial Notice Hardback Book

2. Audio visual presentation

of the entire book 

3. Global Constitution

4. Autographed by Author

:Janine: Linehan. 

and Director

:Mark-kishon: Christopher.

5. post & packaging included

U.K. Delivery:

£65 GBP

International Delivery:

£90 GBP


*Please convert above

Great British Pound prices

into your own country's

currency when making

international payments. 

*PayPal Payment Type:

Choose: 'Goods and Services'

(Not 'Friends & Family')

*The above prices are
our minimum costs.

If you wish to pay more to

support us for reasons you

folks already know

please do so, but not less

than our minimum prices.

*If you wish to buy

two or more books,

the price is double, triple etc.

Thank You for Championing

The Judicial Notice Book

and Global Constitution.

First of Its Kind.

Anybody Buying The 
Judicial Notice Book

Will Be Recorded On
My Website with
Original Purchase and
Your Own Court of Record.

First Time in History.

Terms and Conditions

1. Fixed price for each book including post and packaging. 

2. Correct currency conversion required for valid payment.

3. No refunds.

4. Do not buy the book unless you

have understood it's purpose and power. 

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