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Elegant Title


Who am I ? What do I do?

[" I am a chief-federal-postal-court-judge and my jurisdiction runs over any governments, courts and corporations. If any citizens of the world launch a complaint with me then I will also have jurisdiction. I trained under the chief-federal-postal-court-judge :David-Wynn: Miller, to do the things that he use to do before he passed away. "]

[" If the general public are asking themselves what do I mean by jurisdiction over any corporation and governments, what this means is that if any government, institution, corporation that has not given you a dictionary, or a correct language performance with its letters, it’s legalities, its laws, or it’s claims, has fully violated the basic rules of communication. "]

[" If the basic rules of communication are violated, then there is no contracting parties, for one to claim jurisdiction over the other. "]

["The job of the chief-federal-postal-court-judges is to stop and correct all misleading statements, false and fictitious conveyance of language. "]

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